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The integrity, conduct and success of the NGFCP is hinged on our core professional values. Our DNA and values underpin everything that we do. Our demonstrating these values will earn the confidence of all our internal and external stakeholders in and around the world.


Our core values are:


To determine and demonstrate sustainability we are developing a Carbon Credit Strategy which commences with a baseline and continued monitoring of carbon emissions.  The NGFCP itself is an initiative towards minimization of carbon emissions. 

Local Community Development 

The NGFCP is the key strategic response to reducing the poverty and social exclusion faced by individuals and communities in the Niger Delta region. The NGFCP is focused on helping those who are at greatest risk from gas flaring and are currently socially excluded.  Through the NGFCP, we strive to assist the FGN’s commitment to reducing the number of those experiencing consistent poverty.  

The NGFCP will contribute to the development of the rural Niger Delta economy. The development of the economy is also key, and the NGFCP aims to impact positively the rural Niger Delta economy through enterprise support, development of social enterprises, and other initiatives aimed at regeneration and job creation.  


We ensure full regulatory compliance with all laws, regulations, and policies that govern the NGFCP and team members’ actions on behalf of the FGN.  

Investor Satisfaction 

We will ensure investors’ satisfaction is a top priority. 


Our communications strategy for the NGFCP aims to raise awareness of the Programme’s values, ethics, what ethical practices look like and why they are important for the success of the programme.  


We strive to implement a transparent bidding process, incentivize operators, licensees and government to support flare capture projects. We will deal fairly with potential investors, producers, host communities, suppliers, partners and colleagues. 


We innovate and seek new and creative approaches to problem solving.


With support from our development partners, we incorporate excellence and quality in our work and strive to continuously improve.  


We are honest and choose the path of integrity in all programme transactions and dealings with others. 

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The strategy seeks to define a technically and culturally appropriate approach to consultation and disclosure. The goal is to improve and facilitate decision making and to create an atmosphere of understanding that actively involves programme- and project-affected host communities in the Niger Delta, and other stakeholders.  We will do so in a timely manner, ensuring all affected communities and stakeholders are provided with sufficient opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns so that they may influence programme decisions. The Programme’s stakeholder engagement will meet the standards of international best practices. 


We act ethically in every aspect of the programme framework and context.

Cleaner Atmosphere

We adopt pollution prevention approaches to reduce, eliminate and prevent gas flare pollution at its source. We explore economic incentives, such as carbon credit and emissions trading, banking, and emissions caps.

On behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, this programme seeks to attract investments and develop a transparent market mechanism through a competitive procurement process for allocating gas flares, under clear and transparent criteria, to competent third party investors using proven technologies in commercial application globally. The Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Programme (NGFCP) is an opportunity for Government, industry, State Government, ethnic nationalities, and local communities to work together to resolve an oil field unacceptable practice.