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Assuming around 65% of the flared gas volume meets a minimum monetization investment threshold, the NGFCP has the following potential:

  • Overall inward foreign direct investment of ~US$ 3-3.5 billion;
  • Potential annual revenue/GDP Impact of ~US$ 1 billion;
  • Employment: Over a 1.5 to 2-year period, the NGFCP could generate approximately 26,000 direct jobs and approximately 300,000 total jobs;
  • It will create a new wave of opportunity for a new set of investors;
  • The beginning of the creation of the new midstream;
  • Emissions Reduction: Once operational, projects launched under the NCFCP will reduce Nigeria’s emissions by ~13 MM tons of CO2 per year;
  • Industry: NGFCP can become an important source of additional gas to support Power Sector Development and Recovery; and
  • The NGFCP is a High-Impact Programme.

  NGFCP Value Proposition

NGFCP Value Proposition

On behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria, this programme seeks to attract investments and develop a transparent market mechanism through a competitive procurement process for allocating gas flares, under clear and transparent criteria, to competent third party investors using proven technologies in commercial application globally. The Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Programme (NGFCP) is an opportunity for Government, industry, State Government, ethnic nationalities, and local communities to work together to resolve an oil field unacceptable practice.